I'm a graphic designer and front-end developer with 15 years experience working in-house, for agencies, and independently to produce projects from brief to implementation.

Get in touch sometime, and let's work on something amazing.

In the meantime, please take a look at a selection of my work below.

Parkinson's Revolution

Client: Parkinson Canada

As part of a multi-organization, multi-national program, Parkinson Canada hosted its own version of Parkinson's Revolution, a peer-to-peer fundraising program taking place at indoor spin classes in Canada, the United States, and the UK. I produced the multi-org splash page as well as Parkinson Canada's own fundraising site and version of the event logo.

Canada Lands Company Annual Report

Client: Canada Lands Company

Canada Lands Company (and its parent CLC Limited) is an arm's length crown corporation that develops surplus government real estate. As part of the communications team I tackled a variety of design challenges including this annual report. Produced entirely in-house by myself and another designer, annual reports like these are an exercise in patience and attention to even the smallest details.

Parkinson Canada SuperWalk

Client: Parkinson Canada

Parkinson Canada's largest peer-to-peer fundraising campaign has run for decades and raised millions of dollars towards programs and research to serve and aid people living with Parkinson's Disease. As with several other fundraising programs at Parkinson Canada, I enjoyed producing and developing the new look for the site and its features. With SuperWalk being the organization's premier event, I gave special attention to designing not only the static pages but the registration process and several other elements normally controlled by system defaults.

Pedaling for Parkinson's

Client: Parkinson Canada

A long-running third party fundraising event for Parkinson Canada has grown over the years to become one of the organization's best peer-to-peer fundraising programs. Over a number of years the event has changed locations and format, going from a single location to a broader program. I designed and built several iterations of the site, most recently with a strong focus on updating the homepage and individual landing pages to better serve the multi-location format.

Family Service Toronto Annual Report

Client: Family Service Toronto

Family Service Toronto is a non-profit organization that works to achieve greater resilience for individuals and families who are facing a variety of challenges in life. Working with the design agency Nyman Ink, I produced their annual report for 2011.

CSEP Physical Activity Guidelines

Client: Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology

The Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology, an organization for professionals involved in the scientific study of physiology and health, worked with Nyman Ink to produce a book containing the recommended exercise guidelines for Canadians of all ages, including a tool kit and planner to help users improve their physical health. Brought on to the project when the initial designer was no longer available, I refined existing concepts to produce the final layouts for the guidelines book.

Les Bassins du Nouveau Havre

Client: Canada Lands Company

A large port area in Montréal's Sud-Ouest borough acquired by CLC from the Government of Canada, the Les Bassins du Nouveau Havre project turned a former industrial area into a new residential hub. With the communications team, I designed a variety of promotional elements to help CLC attract public and private stakeholders, such as brochures, community flyers, and websites.

Logos and Brands

I have had many opportunities to work on branding and collateral projects for various clients in Canada and the United States, and always enjoy the challenge of distilling an organization's core into a visual representation.

Rigid Riders: Promotional logo for a group of Pedaling for Parkinson's participants who all have Parkinson's Disease.

GenWorx: Company logo for a generator Repair service based in the Greater Toronto Area.

Apollo Financing: Company logo for a transport truck financing company based in Columbus, Ohio.

Softdock: Product logo for a boat-dock protection and buffer installation tool based in Shawnee, Oklahoma.

Cheaptactics: Company logo for an automotive detailing shop based in Scarborough, Ontario.